Charlotte Pannell

I am drinking from a 'Planet Hollywood' glass. It is from Planet Hollywood Miami, I know this because it says it on it. After my parents divorced my mum remarried. Her and my stepdad started to collect these glasses on every holiday that they went on. When I went with them, Planet Hollywood felt like an immersive experience. I think the first one that I went to was in London. I think I can remember the burger but I might be imagining it, huge. They went on collecting these glasses, and my mum had them in a display cabinet. I think you got them free if you ordered the right cocktail.

Recently they leaped to the edge of the country.

In this move lots of objects were questioned and now I am drinking out of this cup, taken from my sister's kitchen cupboard. From a collection of about twenty we kept six, one being Heathrow which was my favourite. Two are left as the rest broke, the partner to the pair is London. I've grown closer to these imitations recently.

Am I sitting on a great imitation? Am I drinking from a poor imitation?

If I drink everything from the same disposable plastic cup would I feel differently to a life of sipping from a …?

If I was sitting now on an ergonomically designed office chair, would I write better? This chair is causing me aches and pains, but I hold it here as an artefact, I would have discarded it if I was judging it based purely on comfort.

If I keep this chair, this table, this glass around me then I might not lose who I am, what will I become if I just move around with no ground. But what does the soil mean, faces?