Further Information

holt journal for artistic research ISSN 2753-6696

We are publishing under the Creative Commons Licence: CC BY-NC-ND 4.0.

By submitting your work you are consenting to be published under holt journal for artistic research, and grant holt permission to share your work on their website and online platforms for the purpose of promoting the journal. All work will be appropriately credited to authors.

Video submissions should be made through Vimeo links.

Authors need to have copyright over all materials submitted for publication.


Is this journal open access?

Yes, this journal is peer-reviewed and published online. The materials are open access to any viewers/readers. We are committed to our outputs being accessible to all without restricted access via our website.

I’ve published this work elsewhere, is it still eligible for publishing in holt?

Yes, your work is eligible for publication. We aim to increase the distribution and audience of artistic research.

What is the self-archiving policy of holt?

Holt encourages self-archiving by the author on personal websites or institutional repositories following publication to increase dissemination and access. Please be sure to provide full bibliographic reference to holt.

What forms will this publication take?

Currently we are an online only publication.

What are the technical requirements for my submission?

Your entry needs to be a pdf document. Please maintain 1 inch margins and Times New Roman font as possible within the constraints of your research presentation. We encourage you to play with the limitations of the page in your presentation of your research. Please do not watermark your images.

When is the deadline for submission?

Our next deadline is September 1st 2022

What is the process of selection?

First we will review every submission. Then we will accept work as it is, with minor corrections or with major corrections based upon the feedback of the double-blind review process or we will reject the submission.

Do I need to give consent to publish?

By submitting your work to us, you are consenting to publish.

Are there any fees associated with publishing in holt?

No, there are no fees for publishing in holt.