Issue Two


Yasmin Chopin
Charlotte Pannell
Manuela Johanna Covini
Helen Colton
Victoria Burgher
Haya Sheffer
Mark Kasumovic
Michele Allen


holt journal for artistic research is a platform for sharing practice-led research carried out through artistic practice. In the second issue entitled Situations, we consider the situatedness of artistic practice and how artists and/or researchers engage with places, spaces and sites to investigate, situate and share their research. The term situations offers a range of interpretations and applications relevant to the discourse of artistic practice as research, which we seek to examine through the following propositions: the exploration of artistic agency in particular places, the situations or circumstances instigating artistic inquiry and experimentations and the context in which artistic practice is situated. Of particular significance in this issue are reflections on the social, political or cultural resonance of artistic research, from which it is derived and how it seeks to leave its mark.

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Issue Two ︎︎︎

ISSN 2753-6696

holt journal for artistic research

Dana Ariel, Sarah Fortais, and Dawn Gaietto co-founded the peer review journal, holt journal for artistic research in spring 2022. After much deliberation, we collectively decided to name the journal holt. In its various meanings and nuances, holt refers to a place, a mound, or a raised piece of forested earth. holt also means the burrowed lair of an animal or the den of an otter, thus relating to a sense of home and habitation. holt as a journal draws upon these connotations to offer a place to nurture artistic and practice-led research. Our mission is for holt to become a virtual platform, a natural home, and a vital inhabited space for artistic research to be shared and archived over time.

In the myriad landscape of journals that provide space for literary work in the arts and humanities, we find that artistic and practice-led research as disciplines require a platform and a space that gives voice to research that is situated in artistic practice. We aim for holt to become a space to share artistic methods and methodologies through words and images, by recognising the importance of the visual language as a research method and as means for inquiry and experimentation.   

holt aims specifically to nurture the research of early career practitioners; to grow research into vivid forms for dissemination and to render visible new pathways for interdisciplinary connection. We differentiate holt within the larger ecosystem of research journals, by encouraging our submissions to develop experimental means of communicating their research to a wider, non-specialist audience. This experimentation may at times challenge the confines of the A4 page, reconfiguring relationships between text and images, and creatively translating the purpose and function of the original research in a lively way that leads to new inquiries.

holt is about creating a platform for generating conversations, and supporting the transition between making and disseminating. holt is an active space for artistic research to speak for itself in new forms to new audiences and above all, it is a space for experimentation, interconnectivity and dialogue.

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